Thursday, February 12, 2009

Where oh were has the little one gone

With no preamble or excuses I come wandering back in to see if anything has happened here and find that nothing has. Not that this is a bad thing, certainly since I am wandering back in here to begin with.

It's been and interesting time to say the least. I finally got to a point of almost no return and my wife, who finally woke to the fact that denying my affliction was not going to make it go away, took me to see a specialist. After some lengthy consultation, he realized that I needed Wellbutrin XL since my problems seemed to stem mainly from chemical issues and not some deep seeded hate from a lecherous priest or something like that.

Started with the 300mg dose and got a LOT better but still felt a little off so went to the 450mg and, well, I feel good. Not miraculous good or euphoric or any of that but just good. Granted, facing the consequences of all those years of bad and destructive choices now threatens to overwhelm me but I can still see the light and maybe the chance to make it after all (throws hat in the air like Mary Tyler Moore).

I'll let you know at some point. *hugs you*

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