Wednesday, September 3, 2008

a damn yo-yo

so here i am on the other side of this morning, hyped up and moving really fast, doing things, accomplishing tasks and generally being good at being. slight smile on my face, cools stuff going on around me, good tunes on my headphones.

the problem is that it will slew back the other direction once i get home. the dogs are there (they annoy the living shit out of me, by the way, but that's another posting). my wife will be there. 

generally i wonder if that's the problem and maybe it doesn't help having things around me that drag me down but i don't think it's all of it. if i walked away, things really wouldn't change all that much, just be a different set of problems that crushed me under.

but in the meantime, i'll sit here, music playing, bobbing my head to the beat and feeling relatively all right.

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