Monday, October 6, 2008

every story has an ending but it's the tale that is the heart

i went for a long weekend to the national storytelling festival down in t jonesborough, tn and i have to say that it was more satisfying to my soul than many things i have done to try to beat through my daily depression.

i realize that listening to other tellers of tales is something that can really touch you right through to the core of yourself, bringing out feelings and emotions in ways and paths you didn't really want to admit to.

in this case, there was a woman by the name of minton sparks (yes an actual link, i know) that had a style and subjects that really went straight through me, bounced around inside my head and touched me to tears at one point. i can't really explain and the video on youtube is not particularly good as it cuts thing up a lot. she's hard to find at venues but if you can, go see her and if you really can, host her for a night at a venue near you. 

you will be so glad you did. 

yep yep yep

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